Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The food was being served cafeteria-style in aluminum warming trays. The floor was slippery, a recent mopping having done little but spread the grease around. The counterperson couldn't answer simple questions concerning the menu.

So now's the time when we're supposed to chant: "But in spite of all that, the food at Chandler's was great!"

Alas, to our sorrow, the food was definitely not great. Actually, pretty bad.

They were out of fried chicken thighs, so Dan ordered a chicken breast. Inedibly dry.

They were out of a number of sides, so Hali and Mike shared a "rib dinner" with collard greens, mashed potatoes and a blackberry "pie." The ribs were OK: somewhat fatty, they didn't seem to have been in a BBQ as there wasn't any detectable smokiness. The collard greens were the best thing we had all night. (Although Mike did enjoy his Hi-C beverage.)

The blackberry pie was another inedible item, with an unpleasant canned metallic taste.

So, it's interesting that Chandler's has garnered so many positive reviews. Mike was especially impressed with the autographed encomium by Lamar Alexander framed on the wall.

And, it could be that they had been thrown off their pace by the Third Saturday in October hoopla.

Photos: Chandler's Food—Knoxville, 2010; Chandler's Menu—Knoxville, 2010

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Mike Mundy said...

. . . so, somehow we DID let bad food desecrate our palate.