Thursday, October 8, 2009

Olympus E-620

New camera body. I‘ve been using it since I came back from my Point Reyes backpack in July; I took it with me on my August Sierra backpack.

There have been rave reviews concerning the quality of its JPGs. In fact, I took JPGs during the mountain backpack. They’re OK, I guess, but I’ve now gone back to using RAW. Which is a pain, because my version of Photoshop (CS3) no longer supports newer cameras’ RAW files. So I have to run all of the RAW files through Adobe’s RAW converter in order to get DNG files.

The rotating LCD screen is fun, but not quite as useful as the C-8080’s flip-down screen. It seems more video-centric than camera-centric, being off to the side as it is. Of course, I’m sure that the next model from Olympus will include video. And, the noticible delay in focusing when using the screen diminishes its use in street photography. Perhaps the next micro-four-thirds models will address this issue. And the new Canon G11 looks promising.

The weight, with the smaller 14-42 kits lens, is great for hiking. Alas, with the 12-60 attached (shown here) both weight and bulk are markedly increased.

Yes, my neck strap is very drab, compared to Nikon’s ostentatious yellow-letter strap.

Full E-620 review is here.

Photos: E-620 Front—Marin County, 2009; E-620 Back—Marin County, 2009

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Mike Mundy said...

I no longer have this camera as of January, 2010.

My report is here.