Saturday, October 24, 2009


While Mike was waiting for the wrangler to show up he discovered this axe. Right there, in the open, getting rusty.
Photo: Axe—Sierra Nevada, 2009


Pat said...

Like the simplicity of the piece & the wood grain - wall or ground?

Mike Mundy said...

Camera was pointed down. The axe was laying on a kind of platform thingie.

I should have spelled the whole thing out: our arrival in the freezing cold, the mules that had gotten through the fence and were now on the road, and then Dave (who had made our reservations at the Reds Meadows store two days before) unexpectedly showing up.

I've been trying to type directly into Blogger instead of first composing in Word, then copying into the blog. But it's much harder to compose your entries that way.