Sunday, October 18, 2009

Minaret Falls Campground

Mike wanted to return to this campground on the banks of the San Joaquin River, in recognition of his first camping experience at the same location in 1959.

So it was that Hali & Mike found themselves in a fairly nice campsite, away from the river and any late-summer mosquitoes. The only caveat was that it was too close to the road in and out of the campground. Since the campground is fairly small, you would not have thought that there would be any real traffic going in and out. But you would be wrong. Mike speculated that a lot of the traffic was due to fisherpeople driving into this location for trout fishing opportunities.

Hali’s camping style is much more organized, elaborate and gourmet-ish than Mike’s, with great salads, BBQ shrimp on skewers, etc etc.

Photos: San Joaquin River—Sierra Nevada, 2009; Aluminum Camp Table—Sierra Nevada, 2009


jenny kim said...

That top photo is very stunning, and should sell quite nicely as a framed print.

Mike Mundy said...

Oh really?

"Very stunning" . . . sure, OK. We can all agree with that.


But "Should sell quite nicely?" Hmm. . . we'll have to wait and see!