Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tokyo Afternoon and Evening

After visiting the Meiji Shrine, our soaked group ended up at the upscale Omotosando Hills Mall: cutting-edge architecture with spirally floors ala the Guggenheim Museum. We dried off during lunch at a top-notch ramen restaurant.

Thence by subway over to the Ginza district for shopping in one of those enormous department-store-basement-food-emporiums. By this time I was starting to drag, so I elected to walk back to our hotel utilizing my trusty REI keychain compass. It was still raining when I saw some nice stone jars against a bright red background, and again when I crossed over into Shiodome via one of the district’s ubiquitous overhead crossings.

Back at the hotel in our 33rd-floor room I contemplated the lights of Tokyo spread out before me. Later that night Hali and I spent some time packing our suitcases; then had dinner at a nice little beef tongue restaurant.

Photos: Stone Jars—Tokyo, 2008; Shiodome Rain—Tokyo, 2008; Mike Overlooking Tokyo—Tokyo, 2008

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