Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Death Valley Film Photos (35mm) - #1

Sage, Mountain - Death Valley  2004

Mike, Toyota Truck - Death Valley  2004

I don't know what prompted it, but I recently opened up my binder containing photos from my last few rolls of film. This was in 2004: I purchased my first Olympus digital camera that year. These photos were probably taken with a Minolta SLR 35mm camera.

My Epson scanner hasn't been used in quite a while, so I got out some of the negatives from their glassine envelopes and brought them into the digital world. Mostly photos of Death Valley, which might be appropriate for winter viewing.

So, I still have the little stool in the photo. But not the elaborate carpeted kit for the camper shell. The ice chest is still being used by me, although now it has some bear claw holes  poked in it.

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