Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Cuchifrito Restaurant (Allentown) - Pennsylvania  2018

 We had to try it. Around the corner and across the street from our upscale Allentown hotel. Lots of takeout orders. Hali and I had rib stew (pork) which was quite good. Dan had tripe . . . by mistake. He didn't like it.

"Cuchifrito" refers to Puerto Rican cuisine. I don't think we knew that. "Aqui Me Quedo" translates as "Here I'll Stay."


Curtis Faville said...

I'm not sure tripe can be made appetizing, though I acknowledge that many of the hotdogs and sausages I've eaten in my life must have been composed of things I could never have eaten in their original form.

A black woman I knew once at work let me try a bite from her "chitlins" dish during lunch--the texture was utterly revolting!--sort of like slimy and grisly at the same time, with an odor and flavor that made me think of sewage.

Liver can be good. Also sweetbreads.

People once upon a time ate nearly everything off the carcass.

Mike Mundy said...

I guess that the oddest food I've had, at least recently, is shirako.

judit said...

I love tripe in menudo, never had it in any other form.

Thanks for taking us traveling, Mike.

Mike Mundy said...

Huh. The Yelp review page is showing cuisine as Cuban / Dominican. "No tripe for me but everything is awesome."