Saturday, March 4, 2017

Magome Hike

Country Houses (Magome) - Japan  2016

Hali and Dan (Magome) - Japan  2016

Magome hike: this was why we wanted to stay in nearby Nakatsugawa. I was mightily concerned about the fact that we were going on a Sunday. Magome is a popular tourist destination so I was envisioning Kinkakuji-type crowds there. But not to worry! We made a point of catching the first bus in the morning; the one we were on only had a few people in it. Some of the shops hadn't even opened yet.

The bus dropped us off in a parking area, where there was a pleasant view of some really nice-looking country houses. The route led upwards through reconstructed old-style shops and ryokans. Hali was glad she'd brought her hiking poles!

Hali and Mike (Magome) - Japan  2016

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