Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Matterhorn Peak

Matterhorn Peak - Sierra Nevada  2016

Dead Trees - Sierra Nevada  2016

On top there's a photo of what Mike thinks is Matterhorn Peak, the spire to the left.

Mike has never climbed Matterhorn Peak, but tried to, once (influenced by The Dharma Bums.) He and an acquaintance scheduled a multi-day backpack, knowing that it would probably not be an easy task. But their effort foundered on what Mike now thinks was a touch of altitude sickness, which doesn't always manifest as a physical thing. Even without the altitude issue, though, a first-time ascent would have been unlikely since the climbing route is very strenuous and not all that obvious.

That was some years ago, but last August Mike decided to hike the beginning of the trail, from Twin Lakes up to the Horse Creek trail junction.

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