Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shiki Tei: Nara Ryokan

Ryokan Exterior (Nara) - Japan  2014

Ryokan Landscaping (Nara) - Japan  2014

During our last visit to Japan in 2008 we stayed at a small family-run ryokan in Kanazawa (Sumiyoshiya) and we found the experience to be quite gratifying. This time we had reservations at Shiki Tei, a high-end ryokan in Nara with many glowing reviews.

The inn's location has its pluses and minuses: close to Nara Park and assorted UNESCO shrines but also close to a very busy highway. The facilities were top notch and the staff was very professional and accommodating. Very pricey, though, considering that highway noise was quite noticeable. (We had to leave the windows open because it was too early in the season for them to have switched to air conditioning.)

I don't want to be too critical! We had a very positive experience at Shiki Tei. Really amazing dinners.

All in all, though, we still look back on our Sumiyoshiya experience with nostalgia in a way that we probably won't with Shiki Tei.

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