Thursday, June 5, 2014

Japan: Culinary Adventure (12): Soba in Karuizawa

Soba Restaurant Exterior (Karuizawa) - Japan  2014

Udon, Tempura (Karuizawa) - Japan  2014

Karuizawa is noted for its soba. We ended up eating at soba restaurants both days we were there, but in one of those photographic quirks, I didn't get a good soba photo. So, above: Soba restaurant exterior and udon bowl with tempura. (Outside the weather was very chilly, so I wanted something hot.) Below, a small-item meal that Hali ordered.

(Note that this post adds to our 2008 adventures. To see all posts click on the "Japan Culinary Adventure" label.)

Six Item Dish (Karuizawa) - Japan  2014

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