Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Asian Falcated Duck Blogging (January Birding)

Birders - Sacramento Valley  2012

Telephoto Lens - Sacramento Valley  2012

On our way back to Marin we stopped at the Colusa Wildlife Refuge in order to check out the furor surrounding the appearance of an extremely rare Asian Falcated Duck.

"Of the vast places to land, all the wetlands, refuges, rice fields, sinks, ponds, rivers sloughs and bypasses in Alaska, Canada and the western United States, the odds of such a rare bird landing on an island in a refuge 60 yards from a viewing deck, and then staying there for more than a month, are practically like seeing Bigfoot."

-Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle

Alas, the elusive duck remained elusive for us: he was there all right, but hidden away for the moment behind some reeds. Plenty of birders though! (The fellow with the telephoto lens seen above had taken some photos of the bird that he showed to Barbara.)


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