Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January Birding: Marshes

Marshes, Self-Portrait - Sacramento Valley  2012

Once back at the Grey Lodge parking lot, the birders set off under a bright blue sky upon the hiking trail curving through the marshes.

Very cold . . . (that is to say, cold for California.) In the low 30's, with a mean little breeze blowing.

In spite of his handwarmers, Mike's right hand fingers were starting to go numb.

Hm . . . OK, operate the D90's on and off switch with the thumb. And, you don't really need to feel the shutter button per se, just know where it is.

After finishing the hike and leaving Grey Lodge Mike cranked the heater up in the car and slowly thawed out.


Diane said...

Lately, "the low 30's" are cold for Connecticut too. 40's & 50's have been the norm here, but supposedly it's supposed to get a bit colder next week. Finding a pair of gloves that work for photography & keep your finger tips warm has been a challenge.

Mike Mundy said...

I need some gloves that work like an electric blanket. Wish I could find some.

Diane said...

Hey, there ya could have an invention on your hands....literally. ;-))