Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Bridges

Richmond Bridge - Marin County  2011

Bay Bridge - San Francisco  2011

. . . taken from the Larkspur ferry on a recent trip into San Francisco.


Diane said...

Love your bridge photos! (and thanks for linking to mine!!) Soon there will be a new bridge to photograph in the San Fran area.....and it's looking pretty cool already.

We had a wonderful vacation to the San Fran Bay area (and in Moraga) over the holidays. Great to have all of my family together. I had a day to spend on my own in San Francisco, so I spent it at the De Young. Golden Gate Park is so beautiful (and huge!) I wish I had more time to visit the Japanese Tea Gardens and the Science Center. But they will have to wait until my next visit. We also walked the Golden Gate bridge......amazing! The weather that day was clear, calm and very pleasant. All in all a great trip....wish we had another couple weeks to explore. Happy New Year to you and yours Mike!

Mike Mundy said...


Nice that you had good weather. We've been having a lot of substandard air quality days this winter. Some days are clear as a bell, some days you can't even see Oakland from SF.

I will have to do a post concerning this.

Happy New Year!