Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Atmospheric Haze" in Marin

Mt. Tamalpais & "Haze" - Marin County  2012

Oak & "Haze" - Marin County  2011

. . . aka air pollution. This past fall, and now continuing into winter, has seen an outlandish number of "spare the air" days as stagnant air settles in over the entire bay area. (December had the second-lowest monthly rain total ever for Marin.) What's interesting is that crummy days get the same forecast as great days (sunny, highs in the 60's.)

Usually all the pollution that we generate is blown away from here . . . to San Jose, or Sacramento, or wherever. Somewhere else, anyway. How outrageous to have it stay right here!

Earlier annoyed smog report here.


Diane said...

Noticed the special "atmospheric" quality to the air as soon as we stepped onto the BART on our way to Orinda. Then the following day as we set out for a short hike, I thought, "Is that fog, ur hmmm, smog??" Anyway, we soon learned of your "spare the air" days or "no burn" days. Makes for some interesting photos, but I'm guessing it doesn't make for good breathing. The weather was fascinating out in Ca.

Mike Mundy said...

It looks like at long last we're going to get some rain. On a hike this AM I noticed the approaching storm clouds pushing back the smog.

Pushing it back to where, I don't know.