Friday, January 13, 2012

Sausalito Art Festival

Volunteer (Sausalito) - Marin County  2011

Mike's Friday the 13th post concerns the Sausalito Art Festival. He checked it out last year as an interested observer.

The fee for a 10x10 booth is $1200, and it goes up from there.

Mike will not be putting in for this particular festival.


Anonymous said...

If it's true that pink creates a flattering light, those attending are going to look mighty fine!

$1200 for a booth? That's commitment with confidence!

Mike Mundy said...

Seriously. It would take too much of a leap of faith.

Oh, and by the way . . . you can get (expensive, of course) coffee there, but no breakfast items . . . scones, rolls or whatnot. So this time I smuggled a cinnamon roll in.

Yum! (As I sat enjoying my breakfast I noticed this wonderful pink scene in front of me.)

Diane said...

Stopped by Sausalito for a late lunch after walking the Golden Gate Bridge. Very nice. A pretty little town, even a little Italian looking with the buildings up on the hillside. $1200....Yikes!!!

Mike Mundy said...

Yes, it is nice looking. One can only imagine how much money a modest hillside house with a view would command.