Thursday, November 17, 2011

San Francisco Museums

Masters of Venice - San Francisco  2011

DeYoung Cafe - San Francisco  2011

Mike was able to visit two SF museums recently: the DeYoung Museum (earlier shots here) and the Academy of Science (maybe technically not a museum), both found in Golden Gate Park.

Blockbuster exhibit at the DeYoung: "Masters of Venice." No photography allowed. Mike was - slightly - disappointed that there were no landscapes in the show. Mainly religious and mythological themes.

Afterwards, some coffee in the cafe, sitting outside with Franz and Marsha, who had taken me there as a treat for my birthday. Thanks!


judit said...

This photo at the DeYoung captures the pace of the cultured City. It's great!

judit said...

And, the gents on the right could have come out of the artwork on the sign... great capture, Mike.

Mike Mundy said...

Yikes . . . two comments in a row!


judit said...

Yes, and I used the word capture twice in a row, too, as that's exactly what you did.