Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Blogging

Rattlesnake (Academy of Sciences) - San Francisco  2011

In motion, seen at the Academy of Sciences.

Behind glass, so Mike could get a little closer than his previous rattlesnake viewing.


cleek said...

that's awesome.

Mike Mundy said...


That's why I like blogs, 'cause you can post stuff that wouldn't ever sell, but are cool nonetheless.

Michael said...

This really is mind blowing picture. Wonderful work

Mike Mundy said...


Mike still prefers his photo of a rattlesnake in the open.

judit said...

The "snake in the open" is a very different kind of photo. The black-and-white is so textural in an intimate kind of way... and very textile-like. I keep coming back to it.

Mike Mundy said...

This snake was, in fact, very active, thus allowing me to get that nice blurred action foreground.

As was the octopus, but there were too many people in front of the octopus for me to get a clear shot.