Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jellyfish & Etc

Jellyfish (Steinhart Aquarium) - San Francisco  2011

Jellyfish People (Academy of Sciences) - San Francisco  2011

Also seen: a circular tank containing a group of jellyfish. The overhead light changed color every now and then.

Then, also seen: a group of people parading around with jellyfish . . . puppets? Marionettes? Hm.

(Yes, yes. Should be one of my turkey pix. But really haven't seen that much of the turkeys this year. Hm.)


Mike Mundy said...

Here's last year's turkey pix.

judit said...

>>> Yes, yes. Should be one of my turkey pix. <<<

But it's not Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

judit said...

Oh, I didn't look at your link first. Oh well.
Mine was sort of a silly comment, since you did a Thursday Turkey pic last year.

Mike Mundy said...

Well, the basic point is that now this post has four comments!