Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lake Ediza #1 (A.M.)

Last year Hali and Mike visited Lake Ediza via horseback. One issue, though, was that the trip wasn't photographically ideal. For one thing, Mike had to take a smaller camera (Canon G9) with the disadvantages that come with a smaller sensor. The biggest issue was the mid-day arrival. Noontime, and the sun being directly overhead, meant no shadows and flat lighting: very boring, photographically speaking.

So for this trip, Mike vowed to get there early and with a larger camera (Nikon D90.) In this instance (lake in the foreground, Minarets in the background) early enough to get some shadows as well as some neat reflections. This photo is a photomerge of two separate (top and bottom) exposures.

Photo: Lake Ediza—Sierra Nevada, 2010

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