Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canon G12

"I have to say, I recieved my G12 a few days ago, and while its a great camera, there's no way I could see this being a 'portable alternative' to an SLR. Its just too big lol."

—comment on dpreview Canon Forum

I too, received my Canon G12 a few days ago so here's a photo. Oh yes: the Canon and my Toyo-Field 4x5. I guess that the Canon's being too big is somewhat relative.

Too early for any kind of write-up. At first I was having a problem with the JPGs not showing up in Photoshop, but I've gotten that figured out.

And, as I mentioned in the LX5 entry remarks, the G12's video files are also in the .mov format, requiring a conversion process before use. That I don't get.

Also seen in the photo is a non-Canon neck strap from Op/Tech.

UPDATE: Later (2011) thoughts are here.

Photo: Canon G12 & Toyo-Field 4x5—Marin County, 2010

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