Friday, October 22, 2010


On his rest day following his big day hike Mike was sitting on a log eating his lunch when he was greeted by the local wilderness ranger. She was out with a shovel dismantling old fire rings (fires aren't allowed anymore in the area). She and Mike chit-chatted a bit, Mike getting some interesting tidbits:

—her main concern is enforcing the ban on camping in meadows. Those wanting to climb Mt. Ritter are hiking up to the higher meadows and camping there, a no-no.
—she and Mike have the same Big Agnes tent. There is a serious problem with the zipper. (Will require a separate post.)
—during the height of summer, the area can hardly be regarded as wilderness. She has to spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning up toilet paper.
—this is her sixth season as a ranger, but it's strictly a temporary position. She's taking classes towards a Psych degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.

What else? Oh yes, her first name is Keturah. Biblical!

Photo: Keturah—Sierra Nevada, 2010

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