Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Way of the Geezer: Sky Trail Mud

There are parts of Sky Trail that are very muddy and impossible to avoid. (Even in August!) It's at such times that the value of Gore-Tex boots becomes evident.

Seriously, the Park Service should revamp the trail, 'cause a lot of vegetation is getting squished.

Photos: Sky Trail—Point Reyes, 2010; Boots—Point Reyes, 2010


judit said...

Why doesn't this qualify as a self-portrait?

Mike Mundy said...

Hm . . . guess you're right. Amended.

Speaking of which, I noticed a teensy bit of a SP in the "Precut Mat" post, but decided it didn't qualify.

judit said...

Are you talking about the slight shadow to the right of the Precut Mat on the vertical background? Is that it? I don't see anything else and I agree that it doesn't qualify.

Mike Mundy said...

You can see my hand reflected in the glass.

Kind of.

judit said...

Now I see it and I agree that it doesn't qualify. Good eye.

Mike Mundy said...

. . . and now on to the next topic.