Sunday, September 26, 2010

Driving Through Yosemite

Mike's last few camping/backpacking trips have been in the Devils Postpile area on the eastern side of the Sierra. In order to get there from the Bay Area, one is "required" to drive through Yosemite using the Tioga Road. Of course, for the many years Mike lived in Los Angeles the Tioga Road was the Holy Grail of vacations and a primary destination, so it's interesting to note that he often uses it now simply as a highway.

On a recent Monday a storm front had just passed through, leaving some high clouds in its wake. Mike took advantage of the temporary overcast, pulling over at the Yosemite Creek picnic area to take some pix of one of his favorite junipers.

Photo: Juniper—Yosemite, 2010

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