Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Point Reyes Backpack

Mike did an overnight backpack in mid-July in order to try out a new Gregory backpack. His testing ground was Point Reyes: the route from Bear Valley to Coast Camp. Seen above: Coast Trail from the Woodward Valley Trail. Coast Camp is located near the eucalyptus tree seen in mid-photo.

Photo: Coast Trail & Limantour Estero—Point Reyes, 2010


judit said...

Nice curves you've got there...

Mike Mundy said...

She had more curves than a scenic railway.

She had more curves than Mulholland Drive.

She had more curves than the Monocco Grand Prix, and was twice as dangerous.

etc. etc. (from Google)

judit said...

Growing up near Mulholland, and having been in Monaco during the Grand Prix, I know some great curves when I see 'em.

Mike Mundy said...

See, that's what happens when you cut 'n paste.

Monaco transmogrifies into Monocco.