Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Way of the Geezer: Texas Springs Wind

As the evening wore on, Mike waited for the wind to die down.

But it didn't. Staring out at some picnic tables he noticed the wind picking one of the tables up and tumbling it over and over, improbably returning it to an upright position, although one of the benches was broken. (Above photo taken early the following morning.)

He finally had dinner inside the camper shell: some chilled barbequed chicken, Fritos and a nice red wine. During the night the truck was continuously buffeted, bouncing Mike's bed up and down as the wind whistled through the night.

Photo: Picnic Tables (Texas Springs)—Death Valley, 2010


Pat said...

What an incredible camping trip!! Being buffeted at night in a 2 ton truck WOW!

Mike Mundy said...

Um . . half-ton I think.

Still, very cool.