Saturday, May 8, 2010


Nice wheels!

Mike got to ride in this Mercedes when he visited Torrance to have lunch with J.T. Great lunch! The Mercedes was OK too.

Photo: J.T.'s Mercedes—Torrance, 2010

3 comments: said...

Another in a series of increasingly hard-to-perceive self portraits?

Kelly Runyon, a frequent visitor to your site, making my first comment.

Mike Mundy said...



If one simply clicks on the photo (in order to enlarge), one can easily discern Mike and his "doesn't get no respect" Canon G9 in the lower left quadrant of the exquisite, expansive Mercedes chrome.

Note that some self portraits have met the "hard-to-perceive" criteria to an even greater degree. Hopefully, in the future there will be even more!

In any event, more comments, please and thenkyew.

Mike Mundy said...

Link above doesn't work.

Will try again.