Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sonoma Countryside

Hali and I were driving to a Diners Club dinner at Restaurant P30 outside of Sebastopol when we stopped to browse at a (horse) tack store. The oaks and clouds seen above were right across the street.

We got to the restaurant a bit early so I had a chance to check out the nearby mailboxes and apple trees. And, we had a great meal!

Photos: Oaks & Clouds—Sonoma County, 2010; Mailboxes—Sonoma County, 2010


Diane said...

Love your banner photo!! (something vaguely familiar about it. ha!) Didn't realize it was from my neck of the woods 'til I returned for a second look. A nor'easter just passed thru the east coast and New England, and the Mystic CT/Rhode Island area has flooded out from over 8" of rain in two days.

Beautiful light and mood in your Sonoma and Monday horse blogging photos.

Mike Mundy said...


There should be some way to magically transport all that water to California. Although it's raining here right now. And anyway, if we did get more water we'd just build more housing developments . . .

Photo taken near the Mystic Seaport Museum as I recall.