Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sausalito (December)

Walking around Sausalito. Mike's routine: he parks in a two-hour spot, then heads down to the boats, then perhaps over to the view of the SF skyline.

Then, a haircut.

Photos: Boats & Clouds—Sausalito, 2009; San Francisco Skyline—Sausalito, 2009


judit said...

I love the dockside scene. I'd think that would be salable, for sure!

BUT lets talk about the reflection in the water of the banner of the mike report. Nicely done!

Mike Mundy said...

"Salable" . . .

Maybe, maybe not. VERY hard to tell.

Mikereport reflection: now I will have to have a separate blog post devoted to the banner, as banners come 'n go without leaving a trace.