Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gull (Banner Experiment)

So, a different banner (posted below for future blog scanners).


Photos: Gull—San Francisco, 2009; Shiodome Rain Banner—Tokyo, 2008


judit said...

I wonder if the color palette makes any difference in how we see the photos/banner. I first started wondering about this whole influence thing when, I believe, the banner was soft warm colors and the photo below changed from something warm to something cool.

Regardless, both of your banner choices are in sync with the colors and feel of the gull photo for me, including the curve of the railway (?) mimicking the curve of the gull's wing.

I'd like to see further experiments as your muse allows.

Pat said...

Gull pic is awesome. Banner photo a little too busy for me - where to rest your eyes?

Mike Mundy said...

And yet, both banners were so not planned to match up with the gull pix!

Most times, I try to pick a banner that has an area of smooth tonalities, the better to see the "the mikereport" text. (Usually in Centaur typeface.)

Maybe this should be the subject of a separate blog post. If I ever get around to it.

judit said...

I agree with Pat that the banner is too busy. Interesting experiment.