Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Sandhill Crane Blogging

There were quite a few sandhill cranes just off Woodbridge Road, and since we were probably the first birders through that day they were reasonably close in. Very interesting vocalizations and behavior. Leapings about, and flingings of plant material (with dirt attached.)

In any event, (and has been said before) Mike does not have an adequate telephoto lens . . . adequate, that is, for wildlife pix. So he has to rely on either heavy cropping of the original photo, or hope that he will find a statue of the birds.

Photos: Sandhill Cranes in Field—Central California, 2010; Sandhill Crane Statue (Cosumnes River Preserve)—Central California, 2010


judit said...

I'm so glad these are statues; at first I thought they might have been caught somehow in oil.

Mike Mundy said...

The only way I can get close to sandhill cranes is if they are statues.

Otherwise they're very skittish.