Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Orange Streetcar

Now, I've heard that some of these "vintage" streetcars are simply old SF streetcars repainted so as to resemble other cities' abandoned cars. But I think that some are truly restored streetcars.

Late afternoon, winter solstice: light reflecting from office windows high above.

Photo: Orange Streetcar—San Francisco, 2009


Pat said...

the colors are wonderful. the orange, the grays, the fall trees, the light, & what is that sculpture?

Mike Mundy said...

"The Mechanics," Market Street at Battery, San Francisco. This powerful Rodin-esque bronze hums with a heroic vision of man and machine. Composed of five partially nude, muscular men working a huge metal press, it was created in 1899 by the prolific Bay Area sculptor Douglas Tilden. Commissioned by James Donahue in memory of his father, Peter, who founded San Francisco's United Iron Works, the monument was dedicated in 1901.

Now we know.