Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Seller (Branches & Reflections)

The best selling print this year, by far, was this one. I sold seventeen of them in one form or another (framed, unframed, notecard).

There were five of us walking through a small state park in Rhode Island; we jointly discovered this small pond overhung with autumn leaves. I used the excellent Olympus C-8080 set to take JPEGs; this photo can be, and has been, enlarged to 16x20.

Photo: Branches & Reflections—Rhode Island, 2006


Diane said...

And rightfully so, a gorgeous shot!

judit said...

I wonder why this is the best seller? I've loved so many of this year's photos.

By the way, I've noticed over the past weeks that to my eye the color and light of the banner have an effect on "today's" photos. And interesting experiment might be to change the banner over the same photo for 2 or 3 days... it might be interesting, but I do look forward to each day's new work.

Mike Mundy said...


By the way, (oops, I meant BTW) I've scheduled a banner experiment for 1/1/10 & 1/2/10.

judit said...

I'm looking forward to the experiment. Very interesting. Thanks.