Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crows Landing

A lot of speculation in the blogosphere as to the purpose of the mysterious factory-like building and the tall fence surrounding it just off Crows Landing in Stanislaus County.

The definitive answer seems to be found here: "Ok guys, calm down, the big fence is to keep garbage (papers, cups, plastic, etc) that escapes the primary containment area from blowing out onto the freeway and causing a crash on I-5. If you take note of the fence, it is tall and lanky like one that might surround a golf course driving range. It is clearly *not* a high security perimeter fence. The fence is so tall due to the geographic location of the plant against the hills and the attendant high winds that are often present there. As for barbed/razor wire, I will have look next time I go by, but, I do not recall any but could be mistaken. The facility as previously outlined in earlier postings burns waste and generates electricity which is sold to PG&E."

For a fuller explanation of the facility, check here.

Photo: Waste Facility Fence—Stanislaus County, 2009

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