Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Way of the Geezer: October Camping 2

Out of the tent at 6:30 AM: 26º. (For a Californian, this is insanely cold.)

Mike drives up to the reflecting pond at Glacier Lodge to find it frozen over. Very difficult subject matter: sunlight on the crest and dark shadows below. Large icicles have formed on fallen trees over Big Pine Creek.

After photography, Mike drives back to camp, throws some food items into his car, and heads on down towards Owens Valley, his heater going full blast.

Photos: Pond, Glacier Lodge—Sierra Nevada; Icicles—Sierra Nevada


judit said...

Greg looked at the photo of the frozen pond and noticed that the reflections of the mountains are like "headlights in the water." Beautiful capturing of light and dark, reflections, our planet.

Mike Mundy said...

Thank you! Actually, I did a lot of bracketing, but the mountains still got overexposed. Oh well!