Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aki no Ame (Autumn Rain) #2: Jars in Rain

I was walking through the Ginza district back to the hotel, utilizing my trusty REI mini-compass, when I noticed these stone jars standing in front of a restaurant. My trusty Marmot Precip parka can be seen reflected in the background mirror.

Photo: Jars in Rain—Tokyo, 2008


Pat said...

But - 8 jars??? aagh!!!! & yes, your parka is there-proof positive that it is you taking picture AND meditation - fgs - right?

judit said...

But - not a self-portrait?

Mike Mundy said...

Yes, 8 jars!

And my parka! OK, should be self-portrait. And, now that I think of it, all the Fritos & Beer pix should also be self-portraits.

judit said...

I agree about the Fritos & Beer pix. I thought that, but didn't comment.
Some of your self-portraits are within some very good work.