Tuesday, June 30, 2009

. . . from the archives #47: Sunrise, Mono Lake—Mono County, 1994

At my booth, many people have mistakenly identified the location of my Owens Valley photo as Mono Lake. Understandable, since both places are hugely scenic.

Here’s a shot of Mono Lake, taken in, I think, May, when there was still snow on the Sierra crest west of the lake. I was staying in a motel in nearby Lee Vining, got up early and drove over to the visitor’s center parking lot. As usual at that early hour, nobody was there.

I set up my 4x5 view camera and took this photograph, shivering, as the sun rose over the desert expanses to the east. (Click for larger photo.)

Photo: Sunrise, Mono Lake—Mono County, 1994

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