Thursday, December 22, 2016

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle (Osaka) - Japan  2016

Osaka Castle Moat (Osaka) - Japan  2016

As featured in Godzilla Raids Again:

Godzilla arrives on the shore of Osaka. While a blackout of all city lights is enforced, JASDF jets are sent to shoot flares from their planes to lead Godzilla away from the shore. Godzilla sees the flames, and starts to leave.

Meanwhile, a prison truck transports dangerous criminals to another part of the country. The prisoners beat up the two policemen guarding them inside the truck, and run away. A few of them find a gasoline truck, and use it to escape. The truck crashes into an industrial building and starts a massive fire.

The fire, much brighter than the planes' flares, attracts Godzilla back to the shore of Osaka. A few minutes later, Anguirus swims to shore and attacks Godzilla. The two creatures fight an intense battle, while destroying several buildings. Godzilla finally bites Anguirus's neck, and throws it upside down into a moat near Osaka Castle. Godzilla then fires its atomic ray at Anguirus, burning it to death in the ruins of the famed castle.

As Dan says, "I wish I could have gotten photos of that while I was walking around the castle."

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