Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Osaka Arrival

  Subway Corridor (Osaka) - Japan  2016

For our most recent trip to Japan (in October) I had scheduled a short stay in Osaka in order to a) visit the city and b) have a little jet lag recovery time. What I hadn't realized was that the route from the airport into Osaka proper is actually quite long. We traveled via train and subway to the center of Osaka and when we finally emerged the sun had set.

Help Finding Hotel (Osaka) - Japan  2016

After a short time blundering around we were assisted by some passersby, in particular one young lady on a bicycle who was able to lead us directly to our hotel. The hotel was nice enough, but not particularly tourist-oriented, seemingly focused mainly on bridal events.

Bridal Festa (Osaka) - Japan  2016

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