Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sierra Winter Storm

Truck in Fast Lane, Snow (Highway 80) - Sierra Nevada  2016

Downgrade (Highway 80) - Sierra Nevada  2016

Prior to my trip I had purchased some cables meant to go on the front tires during snow and ice conditions, but had never gotten any real practice in putting the things on. But here there were actual people you could pay to perform the task. I stopped at the designated pull-out and spoke with one of the chain installers, who gave my car a quick inspection, then pronounced me good to go without the cables. (The Toyota has all-wheel drive.)

Just "take it easy," he said. No problem! I always take it easy. So I was in the slow lane getting continually passed by monster trucks going way over the speed limit.

So my cables have not gotten put to the test - they are now dry and pristine sitting out in the garage.

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