Saturday, July 30, 2016

Olives 2016

Olive - Marin County  2016

There are a few olives, here and there. I've been picking and tossing them as they appear, since they're all showing signs of fruit fly damage.

Alert readers will recall my "Sad Olives" post from last year. This year I decided to give the anti-growth spray a try. I sprayed the tree two separate times with "Florel." It seems to have worked for the most part, but as I said, there are still some olives to remove.

Very annoying! Not so much the spraying and picking, but the fact that there apparently won't be any usable olive crop for the foreseeable future.

Florel - Marin County  2016


Hali said...

I am bummed. You made the most delicious olives before the olive flies moved in.

Mike Mundy said...

Yes. Back in 2012, alas.