Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Dog Blogging

Dog on Boat Shuttle -  Sierra Nevada  2004

Florence Lake, Shuttle Pier - Sierra Nevada  2004

I left Bolsillo Campground at 7:25 and got to Florence Lake by 7:55, where I planned to take the morning shuttle across the lake.

I was met there by a woman (the shuttle operator) and her dog, who accompanied us on the ride over (I was the only passenger at that early hour.) Once on the other side I clambered out, retrieved my Gregory Z backpack and started off. I spent some time trying to locate the actual route which was a rough-hewn truck road heading for Muir Trail Ranch, but did OK, finally reaching the Muir Trail Ranch / Kings Canyon National Park junction at 11:00. For some reason the trail designers had found it necessary to have the trail go first way way up, then way way down.

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