Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Japan: Culinary Adventure (20): Ushi no Hone

Ushi No Hone Anaza Restaurant (Kyoto) - Japan  2014

First Course (Kyoto) - Japan  2014

We ate there simply because it looked intriguing. (Hali's discovery.) Very nice experience!

Takomaki, bamboo shoots. Mackerel. Beef salad. Fried chicken. Chicken meatballs. Rape with yuzu. Duck with scallion and sesame oil. And beer, of course. Even Hali had a beer!

The lady next to us spoke English, had spent some time in Orange County (Huntington Beach.) So we were able to have a back and forth culinary conversation. For next time: Kamamishi rice w/ squid  and bread with beef.

Daily Specials (Kyoto) - Japan  2014

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