Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Crow Blogging / Taking Over the Earth

Crows, San Quentin State Prison - Marin County  2013

I'm a little disconcerted. The December 23 & 30th (combined) issue of The New Yorker has an article titled "The Lost World" by Elizabeth Kolbert featuring the geologist Jan Zalasiewicz. The piece has mainly to do with the question of whether or not we're in a new geological period due to the environmental influences of humanity.

Anyway . . . this paragraph caught my attention: " . . . the conversation turned to another of Zalasiewicz's favorite subjects: giant rats. Zalasiewicz pointed out that rats have followed humans to just about every corner of the globe, and it is his professional opinion that one day they will take over the earth."

Well, sure. I could easily see that happening. But still, I'm a little disconcerted, since it's been my conviction all along that crows will one day take over the earth. I think that some serious research needs to be done on this issue.


(Crows on the roof at San Quentin State Prison, watching over Death Row, taken from the Larkspur - San Francisco ferry.)

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