Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hockney Exhibit

Hockney Souvenirs - San Francisco  2014

Hockney Crowd - San Francisco  2014

Mike traveled to San Francisco earlier this month to see the big David Hockney exhibit at the DeYoung Museum. It had it all! Reservations for certain hours, big lines for crowd control, numerous traffic control monitors and finally, plenty of Hockney souvenirs to purchase.

Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed in the actual exhibit rooms, so no pix here. To be honest, there were far too many people in the rooms to allow an adequate viewing experience. Also, to be honest, Mike ended up not quite seeing what the big deal was. The paintings were very pretty, sure, and some were really big. In a way, they reminded Mike of the work of Raoul Dufy, an artist that Mike has always liked.

For some reason, none of Hockney's Los Angeles scenes were shown.

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