Sunday, November 10, 2013


Tailgating - Sierra Nevada  2013

Sitting at the camp table during pouring rain: maybe not the best dinner option. Mike considered the alternatives, then decided that heating his pork 'n beans would be best accomplished utilizing the truck's tailgate. So we see, above, Mike's rain meal consisting of pork 'n beans, Fritos and Trader Joe's Cabernet Sauvignon. Yum!

Interesting: the whole Red's Meadows area has cell phone reception. This meant that Mike was able, at all times, to maintain contact with the outside world, much like the Everest mountaineers in 1996.



Mike: Rain. Not heavy. Sitting in driver's seat, reading.

Hali: Might be a long night.

Mike: Yup. Glad I didn't backpack.

Mike: Small hail.

Mike: Lightning, thunder.

Hali: Wow, that is neat.

Hali: Snow in Tahoe elevations.

Mike: Close my eyes, I'm John Muir.

Mike: Wow! More lightning. Hope it doesn't hit me while I'm eating pork 'n beans.

Hali: Me too.


Mike's dinner went unhindered by any lightning strikes, but they were quite bright, and the ensuing thunder quite loud.

When it was time to go to bed - very early - Mike made his way over to the tent and discovered that it was now sitting on top of a heretofore unnoticed puddle. Cautiously getting inside he discovered that a) the bottom of the tent was rippling back and forth like a waterbed, and b) the tent was still dry. He crept cautiously over to his sleeping bag (already on top of a Thermarest) got in and turned out the lantern.

Darkness, rain.


Pat said...

Your ongoing camping story - great. Loved the video with sound effects. You didn't e-mail me from the Mammoth campground - sad.

Part reads like a camping commercial in what clothing is absolutely needed for all types of weather.

Am really enjoying. Thanks. pat

Mike Mundy said...


I emailed you guys from Sotcher Lake! "Sotcher Lake 9 AM" 9/22/13.

I'm sure that we all remember Sotcher Lake.