Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Deer Blogging

Deer in Snow - Sierra Nevada  2013

Rain kept hitting the tent, gradually decreasing as the night went on. Wind gusts dislodged water from the tree above at random intervals. Then, silence. To be honest, Mike didn't get that much sleep; as soon as some outside light began to permeate the tent he scooted over to the tent door in his sleeping bag, peeked outside and saw the snow that he had hoped might come had fallen during the night.

What to wear? Hm. First, Travelsmith Everywhere pants, then REI fleece pants, then long sleeve REI shirt, then Marmot Driclime jacket, then a North Face down jacket. Then socks and Gore-Tex hiking shoes. Gloves. Then out into the chill morning air.

Mike was joined by this deer as they both wandered around the frosty early morning campground.

View from Tent (Minaret Falls Campground) - Sierra Nevada  2013

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