Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pasadena Art Exhibit

Seal (Samaras Video) - Pasadena  2013

Joe, Samaras Exhibit - Pasadena  2013

Joe and I went to see an interesting show at the Pasadena Armory last month. Getting to Pasadena was a treat; it's been years since I've gone on the Arroyo Seco (aka Pasadena) Freeway. Very scenic! Once in Pasadena we found a parking spot across the street, fed the meter (operating on a Sunday) and entered the gallery.

The main exhibit was a selection of photos by Connie Samaras titled "Tales of Tomorrow." Here's some background on the artist from her website:

Her ongoing interests include: the variable membrane between fiction and real world; political geographies and psychological dislocation in the everyday; speculative landscapes and architectural narratives; science fiction genres and future imaginaries; the legacy of U.S. social change movements in a shifting global economy; paradox and the political unconscious; desire, popular culture, feminist and queer theory; art as historical artifact, the aesthetics of time, and differing systems of cataloguing history.

Whoa. Heavy-duty stuff!

Anyway, it was just, I don't know, intriguing to see a group of photographs not being presented as a photography show. I asked the attendant if he knew what kind of camera Ms. Samaras used. He didn't, but he did know that she used film (not digital). I had heard that "Art" artists are almost exclusively using film; I guess that's correct. In this context, asking what kind of camera was used is maybe a borderline gauche question. You might as well ask Picasso what kind of brush he used!

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