Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sierra Hike

Duck Lake -  Sierra Nevada  2012

Cabin - Sierra Nevada  2012

Hali and Mike took a nice 3.5 mile hike while enjoying a recent weekender up in the mountains: a loop trip around Duck Lake in Alpine County. Very pastoral scene, with a few old log cabins scattered about.

Hali used trekking poles, took her time and finished the hike with relative ease. Great progress since August 22 of last year!

Hali Adjusting Boots - Sierra Nevada  2012


judit said...

I love that Hali's able to hike again! Go Hali go!

Mike Mundy said...


(Comment publishing delayed. Turns out that Yosemite Valley does have - some - coverage, but not strong enough to log into Blogger.)

(Also, Blogger is blocking some from commenting because of its obnoxious anti-spam riddles. Yow!)