Sunday, August 12, 2012


Gimnastics - Mazatlan  2002
After the 1970s Mike didn't get to take any Mexico pix for quite awhile. In fact, his next trip didn't occur until 2002 with a visit to Mazatlan. The cameras used in the earlier 1970s Ensenada photos followed Mike's usual big camera/small camera routine: a Nikon F using Panatomic-X film (small camera) and a Mamiya medium-format camera (big camera).

In Mazatlan Mike again brought two cameras with him: a Minolta 7000i 35mm SLR with a zoom lens (big camera), and a Leica Minilux 35mm fixed lens (small) camera. He used Kodacolor film in the Minolta and Ilford chromogenic (black and white) film in the Leica; both films could be commercially processed.

[Update: final day of the Olympics!]

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